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Pictured below is a CMAA Class “E” Mill Duty Crane. A Mill Duty Crane is specifically manufactured to meet the service classification covered by AISE Standard 6 – “Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Crane for Steel Mill Service”.

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Most Asked Action Alerts. CMAA 70 74 Section 1 – General Specifications Building Design Considerations Q. I am working on the structural frame that will support the rails for a toprunning underslung bridge travelling crane. I understand that the CMAA 70 is applicable to top

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Understanding Crane Service Classifications ... The following is a list of crane classifications according to the CMAA. Crane Service Classifications Class A–Standby or Infrequent Service ... Duty cycle and loads may vary from no load to an occasional full load with two to five lifts per hour, averaging ten feet per lift. ...

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Demystifying Classifications: CMAA Crane Classifications. This is the first post in a series of posts on CMAA, HMI, and FEM classifications and duty cycles. We will be covering each type of classification in a biweekly post. ... In general, the class E crane is going to have heavier duty rated motors, end trucks and more steel. ...

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Since our company was founded we have completed hundreds of crane installations for several manufacturers throughout the as well as some international jobs. With over 100 years of combined experience our installer/technicians have erected all types and sizes of overhead cranes from light duty hoists to Class E severe duty mill cranes.

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Corresponding Crane Class: Typical Application: FEM HMI ISO CMAA DIN 15018 and sim. DIN 15018 and sim. 1C m: H1: M2: Class A: H1/B2: Maintenance crane in machine house. Used only occasionally. 1B m: H2: M3: ... Class E: H3/B4 or H4/H6: Very heavy duty crane, 23 shift operation, grab or magnet below the hook. Regular heavy loads. About Us ...

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CMAA Class A B Duty 70 to 160 Ton Capacity For CMAA Class E F and Custom Designs Consult Factory The Norheim Hoist Line is available with capacity options up to 160 tons, lifts up to ft. and flexible hoist speeds up to 33 FPM.

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DESHAZO manufactures, automates and installs overhead cranes from light industrial to CMAA class “F” mill duty service, and every crane that comes out of our shop is custombuilt from the gears up. V/1 Operation Yellowhammer. Construction of the largest overhead crane ever built in Alabama.

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Crane Classification Typical Installation Lifts per/hr. Average Lift Shift Typical Workload Key Points; Class A Standby or Infrequent Service: Power Houses Public Utilites Turbine Rooms Motor Rooms Transformer Stations

We offer various designs and pricing based on the required crane service, CMAA Class D, E, or F and also AISE heavy steel mill duty designs, including coil grabs, and coil grabs with weighing. Crane weighing systems can optimize yields and reduce handling time.

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CMAA Classification: Class E Service. ... 25 ton electric overhead traveling crane for a specialty steel producer in Western Pennsylvania. This new crane replaces an existing EOT crane used in the customer's coil handling department. ... which is located at the end of the bridge, the operator sits in a mill duty operator's chair with integrated ...


TOP RUNNING SINGLE GIRDER BRIDGE CRANE. PART 1 GENERAL. SUMMARY. ... Duty Class: CMAA Class ( ) [ A, B, C or D] ... All structural steel shall be cleaned of rust and mill scale with a minimum SSPC6 “commercial blast” cleaning. B. Cranes shall be painted with mil DFT Primer

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Crane and Hoist Division CMAA Duty Classifications CMAA duty ratings range from A through F with "A" being the lightest and "F" the heaviest. ... Class B Light Service This class of crane is used in repair shops, light assembly operations, service buildings, light warehousing, etc. Service

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HeavyDuty Overhead Cranes for Steel Mills. Whiting Corporation is one of only a few crane manufacturers that can produce and service CMAA Class E F and AIST Spec 6 cranes for North American steel mills.

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duty cycle. Within the CMAA Specification is a numerical method for determining ... This class “F” crane operates in a steel mill with ladles of molten steel. For perspective, the crane is about 100’ span, and the ... Microsoft Word CMAA Crane

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Filnor, Inc. Class 3200 AC Industrial Duty Crane Control for Hoist, Trolley and Bridge Service.

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Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) Crane Duty Classifications CMAA Classification Description Further Explanation Class A Standby or infrequent service ... used in machine shops or paper mill machine rooms. In this type of service, the crane will handle loads that average 50% of ... Class E Severe service

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The outdoor duty unit was designed per CMAA Class E specifications and features epoxy paint, two (2) mill duty rated AC thruster caliper brakes with NEMA 3R covers, hardened rope drum, 300 HP continuous duty motor, 200' lift and hoist speeds up tp 180 feet per minute.

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CMAA Crane Classification A brief overview. ... Overhead Traveling Cranes for Steel Mill Service". Like CMAA, AISE also provides a numerical method for determining crane class based on the expected ... Service Class 3: Heavy material handling duty, 500,000 to 2,000,000 cycles.

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Double Girder Bridge Cranes. Contrx double girder bridge cranes are used when capacity and span requirements are too great for a single girder crane to be used. Double girder cranes also provide higher hook heights because the hoist is placed between the cross girders as opposed to under the cross girder.


Time is running short if you want to join us in Nashville, February 2428. CMAA’s World Conference and Club Business Expo covers it all, giving you everything you need to enhance your skills and stay competitive in an everevolving industry in addition to robust educational programming with sessions on hiring, marketing, food and beverage, finance, member relations, and more.

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6. Class EF (Severe Duty Steel Mill Service) Cranes in EF class are covered by the current issue of The Association of Iron and Steel Engineers Standard No. 13for Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes for Steel Mill Service.

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The CMAA Crane Service Classes are as follows: CLASS A (STANDBY OR INFREQUENT SERVICE) ... This service covers cranes which may be used in machine shops or paper mill machine rooms, etc., ... CLASS E (SEVERE SERVICE) This type of service requires a crane capable of handling loads approaching a rated capacity

The comparison of different crane working class standards.

The comparison of different crane working class standards. 6/22/2016 Hoist Classification ... · Heavy duty crane, 2 shi f t o perati o n · 1 or 2 shi f t o p eration · Re g ular m ed i um and h e avy loads ... CMAA Crane Manufacturers Association of America.


All American Crane Equipment Corporation cranes are manufactured to rigid quality standards and factory tested prior to shipment. American Crane's preengineered industrial cranes are designed to meet the requirement of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) in duty class …

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Our Double Girder Top Running Cranes are designed according to CMAA, NEC, AISE and OSHA standards, to deliver a rugged, safe and dependable piece of equipment for years to come. Capacities range from 1 to 100 tons, with spans up to 100 ft. and service classifications from CMAA Class A (Standby) to Class E (Severe) and AISE Spec. 6 Steel Mill Duty.


CMAA is the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc., an independent trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry. The voluntary association was incorporated as the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc. in 1955.

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heavyduty overhead cranes. quality cranes for proven p ... cranescranes 1 the er2000 crane is a high quality overhead crane that meets your performance demands with a cost effective design, modern capabilities and quick delivery. er2000 heavy duty ... are rated for cmaa class e service. minimum 25,000 hr l10 gear box bearing life. • h ...

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Overhead Crane Systems and Components. ... CMAA Crane Classifications. The Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) has identified six different crane classifications, determined by duty cycle capabilities. ... Examples: machine shops and paper mill machine rooms; Class D …

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Bridge Cranes Overhead cranes and hoists are complicated by nature – they are engineered products. There is no substitute for experience and technical knowledge when selecting a supplier of these production critical systems.

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• CMAA Class D Duty up to 60 Ton Capacity • CMAA Class A B from 70 to 160 Ton Capacity • For CMAA Class E F and Custom Designs, Consult Factory. American Crane Equipment Corporation is a privately held company and a leader in overhead lifting equipment.

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CMAA Duty Classifications. CMAA duty ratings range from A through F with "A" being the lightest and "F" the heaviest. The ratings apply to bridge cranes only and not hoists alone. ... Class B: Light Service: This class of crane is used in repair shops, light assembly operations, service buildings, light warehousing, etc. Service requirement is ...